Looking for Low Cost Roof Replacement? 5 Areas You Should Not Try To Cut Costs

Any homeowner looking to do any kind of home repair is always going to look for ways to cut costs. However, that could wind up being a trap that costs much more in the long term. When replacing a roof, there are five important areas in which you should not attempt to cut costs. Those five areas are as follows:

1.) Hiring a contractor

Always look to hire a contractor that is fully insured and registered with the PA Attorney General (if you check up on us we are contractor #058681), especially on a roofing job. It is actually illegal to hire someone who is not insured in Pennsylvania. Although uninsured roofers may be cheaper, any mistake on their part could wind up costing you big. Without insurance, there is no guarantee that any of their mistakes will be covered. You might wind up having to take a contractor to court, which would make for an unwanted mess in many ways. Hiring an uninsured family member or a friend is also a great risk no matter how long you may have known the person.

2.) Using discounted materials

Just as it is in most cases, you get what you pay for. Saving a quick buck on discounted materials could come back to haunt you. Purchasing items that do not carry a warranty provides no guarantee that the product will last. Keep in mind that these are the materials that are going to protect you and your family from all types of weather.

3.) Roofing over your existing roof

It may seem like a quick and easy method, but it has plenty of negative effects. Roofing over your existing roof shortens life of your shingles. It can also void any warranty that came with the purchase of your shingles. Most importantly, this method will allow moisture to get in between shingles and deteriorate them from the inside out. The shingles in shingle roofing are meant to be dry.

4.) Not venting the roof

It is important for a roof to be vented so that it can breathe properly. When there is a stark difference in temperatures from the outside to the inside, it could create condensation. This could wind up making the wood soft and brittle. It could also bring about the onset of dry rot. Venting a roof might cost a little extra but it is a safe way to ensure the longevity of a roof. Cutting corners here will almost always present future problems that will call for eventual roof replacement.

5.) Not using an ice and water shield

An ice and water shield is a thick underlayer that adheres to plywood. It seals the nails and protects from moisture. It is very important to use at the base of a roof and also keeps water from coming up from behind shingles. Without an ice and water shield, ice can also build up in gutters. Through the valleys of a roof, ice and water shields are used as roofers will weave shingles throughout. Re-using old metal is not a recommended or sound method. If you choose to forgo the use of an ice and water shield, it might save a few hundred dollars today but cost of roof repair will be much higher in the not-so-distant future.