Storm Damage

Storm/Hail Damage FAQ for Lancaster County PA

Q: Do I really need a new roof?
A. Most hail or storm damage goes unnoticed with observation from the ground. You need a trained eye on your roof to inspect closely for damage. In most cases, hail or storm damage does not cause your roof to leak immediately. It does, however, ruin your roof and you may start having leaks within a few months if it is not replaced.

 Q: My insurance company said I have no hail or storm damage but my neighbors are getting a new roof. What should I do?
A: Graystone Roofing & Siding  is experienced in getting your claim handled properly and if your insurance company stated that you do not have hail or storm damage, we would like to give you a second option. After inspecting your roof closely, if we find damage, we’ll take care of the process of getting your roof re-inspected and work on your behalf to get your claim accepted. We have been successful in getting many homeowners new roofs after the original insurance Adjuster declined the claim. Our attention to detail during inspection often uncovers signs of hail or storm damage that many insurance Adjusters erroneously overlook. Many homeowners indeed do have hail or storm damage unknowingly because their insurance Adjuster didn’t do their job thoroughly.

Q: What would I have to pay for a new roof?
A: Your insurance company covers the cost of your roof minus your deductible. With normal deductibles, you often have very little out-of-pocket expenses at all. The final balance will be requested once the final check has been received from the insurance company and all the work that Graystone Roofing & Siding for you is completed.

Q: Why should I use Graystone Roofing & Siding Services?
A: We are a ‘General Contractor’ which means we can take care of all your hailstorm damage needs, not just your roof. We can take care of your roof, gutters, siding, paint, windows, screens and more. You don’t need to hassle with your insurance company AND a handful of different contractors. We take care of everything for you. We respond promptly when a customer needs our services, especially in emergencies. We seek to be a fair and competitively priced company.

 Q: Will Graystone Roofing & Siding work directly with my insurance company / adjuster?
A: Yes. From meeting your insurance Adjuster to overcoming price discrepancies and invoicing the insurance company when your job is complete.

 Q: Do I need to be at home while you do my roof?
A: No. We simply need access to outside power.

 Q: How long has Graystone Roofing & Siding been in business?
A: Graystone Roofing & Siding has been in the construction business serving customers since 2000.

 Q: How long will it take to install the roof?
A: It normally takes between one and three days, depending on the size of the home and the amount of tear off.

 Q: What happens if it rains while you’re installing the roof?
A: We monitor the weather very closely and only remove what we can replace in the same day. We also carry tarps for any unexpected emergencies. When we leave at night, your roof is completely watertight.

 Q: My insurance check has my mortgage company’s name on it. Why?
A: Each mortgage company has its own unique policy regarding insurance payments. If you desire, Graystone Roofing & Siding can contact your mortgage company on your behalf to insure your payment is properly processed. It is important to notify your Graystone Roofing & Siding representative if your mortgage company’s name is included on your insurance drafts. They can go over the finer details with you at this time.

Q: What type of shingles do you use?
A: Most major shingle manufacturers are very close to one another in price and quality. We have access to all name brands including Owens Corning, TAMKO, ELK/GAF, Certainteed,  as well as a full line of premium roofing materials, including tile, metal, slate and engineered products.

Q: How do I know that Graystone Roofing & Siding is the right company?
A: Almost all of our business is through referrals. We are well regarded in the construction and building community. We have an extensive reference list of satisfied customers available for your review.

 Q: Will Graystone Roofing & Siding check my existing ventilation for proper circulation?
A: Yes. Proper attic ventilation is very important in maintaining healthy roof decking and extending the life of the shingles. Good ventilation eliminates moisture in your attic that is harmful to your wood decking. Improper ventilation will ruin your roof. We’ll notify you if your attic provides inadequate ventilation and add the necessary ventilation as needed.

 Q: Does Graystone Roofing & Siding apply underlayment to the wood deck?
A: Yes. We provide felt underlayment on every job we do. In addition, we apply an extra layer of shingles, or starter course, along the roof edge for extra strength, as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

 Q: Can Graystone Roofing & Siding show completed jobs locally and with the type of roofing shingle I might want?
A: Yes, absolutely. Ask your Graystone Roofing & Siding representative for more details.

 Q: Will the job be cleaned daily by a magnet for lost nails?
A: Yes. Each of our job sites is cleaned during the roofing process and at the end of every workday. We go over your property with a magnetic hand sweeper daily, to pick up any loose nails.

Q: Will the work meet local code requirements in my area?
A: Yes. Graystone Roofing & Siding has extensive experience with local building codes. We will not do any work that does not meet code requirements.

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