Metal Roof Installation

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Graystone Roofing & Siding installs metal roofing systems on homes, barns, garages and house additions in Lancaster County, PA. A metal roof is not right for every job, but there are certainly very many benefits to choosing a metal roof for your roof replacement. Some of the benefits include:


Although a typical shingle roof will last almost 30 years,  over time the shingle degrade. A metal roof does not decompose, and a good standing seam roof has a higher wind warranty than shingles.

Good For the Environment

There is a lot of material that is hauled to the landfill when replacing a traditional shingled roof and the more frequently a roof is replaced the greater the impact on the environment. By replacing your roof less frequently you are minimizing the impact on the environment even more.

Added Long Term Value With A Metal Roof

The added value comes in the form of:

  • Lower future long term replacement costs the property owner would incur with another time of roofing material.
  • Greater resale value – When you are ready to sell you home your metal roof will held to near perfection.  Offering you another selling point to your home.

Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

A metal roof can be a great insulator.   During the warm months it actually makes buildings cooler.  Sunlight and heat is efficiently reflected away. The heat is transmitted away from the house. In the colder winter months it reflects the heat back in from the underside. This is called thermal reflectivity. In the long term you are keeping your heating and cooling costs down The saves can even be greater when you ad a light colored metal roofs to help deflect the suns UV rays.

Curb Appeal:

Metal roofs often add a more traditional style that might enhance your home’s appeal.  A nice standing seam roof like the one pictured here was installed not only because of the high winds in the area, but because the owner wanted a more traditional look. The paint used on metal roofs are high-performance polymers. They have exceptional weathering properties, and are backed by a 40 yr warranty.


Metal roofs will also withstand most of what mother nature will throw at it. Our metal roofs can withstand winds in excess of 100 miles per hour.

Not Just Any Lancaster Roofing Contractor Does Metal Roof Installation.

First you need to start with the proper thickness of the substrate. Next the roofing professional you hire needs to install the roof per manufacturer guidelines or the warranty will not be valid. At Graystone Roofing & Siding we have experience in metal roof applications.  Give us a call at 717-725-7170 of use our contact us page to discuss your options and it metal roof is right for you.